"Star ratings are the bane of my existence, because I consider them to be relative and yet by their nature, they seem to be absolute," writes Roger Ebert, who in his recent Movie Answer Man column took on complaints of his three and a half star rating for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Ebert wrote in his review: "The dialogue throughout the movie is once again its weakest point: The characters talk in what sounds like Basic English, without color, wit or verbal delight, as if they were channeling Berlitz" yet somehow he gave the movie 3.5 stars. "I got a lot of messages saying there was a disconnect between my star rating and my review," wrote Ebert. "Perhaps there was." Ebert defends his review saying that Episode III "returned to the space opera roots of the original film and succeeded on that level," and because of that he wanted to honor it, while "regretting that it did not succeed at the levels of intelligence and wit as it did on the levels of craftsmanship and entertainment."

In the almost entirely Sith dedicated answer man column Ebert takes on General Grievous' wheezy voice, Padme's pants/no-pants continuity error, and George Lucas being a Economic Terrorist.
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