• Aeon_Flux_01.JPGParamount Pictures has a first look at the upcoming Aeon Flux video game from Majesco on the film's official website.
  • In case you missed it in the clutter of the Weinstein news on Thursday, Sin City 2 will be released Summer 2006.
  • The official Japanese Batman Returns website is now up. Their first screening took place in Tokyo on Thursday and security was tight.
  • USA Weekend is featuring Christian Bale on its cover next week in a "Meet the new Batman" feature.
  • XmenFilms.net has some spolier information about Professor Xavier's character in X-men 3.
  • SanDiegoMag.com reports that the old Rohr plant in Chula Vista is on the short list of spots to be blown up for director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. Plans to tear down the waterfront facility have been underway.
  • The Music Box Theater in Chicago, Illinois will be hosting two screenings of Raiders of the Lost Ark at Midnight on June 3rd and 4th.
  • Art Asylum will be offering a new Fantastic Four Mini Mates summer comic con exclusive four pack at San Diego Comic Con on July 13 - 17 and Wizard World Chicago on August 5 -7. This set will have a price tag of $20.00 and include Classic Thing, Sue Richard, "Flame On" Johnny and Reed Richards.
  • And could this be the next Star Wars Kid?
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