• In Stephen King's column this week, his friend Shane "Longhair" Leonard makes his predictions for summer movie hits. Some of the picks are obvious (Star Wars, Batman, War of the Worlds) while others are surprising (King's own pick is Must Love Dogs - King says that John Cusack is poised to become "the American Hugh Jackman" - and I have no idea what that means at all - can any readers help me?)
  • Chris told you earlier about Sylvester Stallone making a biography of Edgar Allen Poe. EW titles their piece Rocky Horror, and I'm assuming it's because of the subject matter and Stallone's Rocky flicks, and it's not an early review of the script. 
  • Angelina says she never slept with Brad.
  • Lisa Schwarzbaum isn't too thrilled with The Longest Yard remake. I like the first flick so much (and I usually hate movies about football and movies about prison) that I refuse to even see this movie.
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