Via Cynthia Rockwell comes this idea from Dave Winer: "I wonder if Netflix has ever thought of partnering with to connect people who like the same kind of movies?"

Cynthia says, "Now that might be an online dating service I would use."

How about you? I mean, let's face it - it's hard enough to find someone to talk about movies with; it's even harder to find someone worth dating. The two, together, in the same person? Forget about it.

So here at Cinematical Headquarters, our busy little brains are spinning. Dave went on in a second post to explain exactly how one could program matching software to obtain Netflix information via XML, but we're sort of cavemen around here and we're not quite ready for that.  Still, we thought we might put out an APB for guinea pigs.

What do you think? Would you let Cinematical help you find your true love? Or, at least, someone to go to things like this with? If you're at all interested, tell us in the comments why you'd want to do this, and/or if you have any suggestions as to how you think we should go about making matches. If we get enough interest, we'll pick a Cinematical reader and try to match them up.