Created for the movie Rocky III, the Rocky statue was erected on the top steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After the filming ended, a furious debate arose in Philadelphia between the Art Museum and the City's Art Commission over the meaning of "art." Claiming the statue was not "art" but rather a "movie prop" the city considered various alternate locations and settled upon the front of the Spectrum sports complex in South Philadelphia. It was later returned to the Art Museum where it was used in the filming of Rocky V, as well as Mannequin and Philadelphia. Again it was removed, and this time placed in front of the Spectrum where it stands today. Now you can buy it on eBay. Okay, may-be not THE STATUE, but one of the three statues commissioned by Sylvester Stallone in 1983. Starting bid is one million dollars. This famous statue is offered for sale on behalf of the International Institute for Sport and Olympic History.
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