• Blah blah blah Star Wars, blah blah blah $251 million overseas in 12 days.
  • Variety goes out of its way to make sure we understand that Chris Rock's new project, The Gilmores of Beverly Hills, is *not* a remake of the Natasha Lyonne vehicle The Slums of Beverly Hills - a notion that wouldn't have even occured to us if they hadn't brought it up.
  • Avery Corman, who wrote Kramer vs. Kramer and Oh God!, will see a project based on his novel A Perfect Divorce produced by Columbia.
  • The project stalled the first time around, with Denzel Washington and Benicio Del Toro getting paid anyway due to contract stipulations. Now American Gangster is back, and the producers are hoping Don Cheadle will star.
  • Times is tough for character actors.
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Finally, says Dennis Harvey, "Teenage girls get their Waiting to Exhale."

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