• Dreamwatch Magazine talked to Elektra director Rob Bowman who says that an R-rated Director's Cut will be coming out in November. Other tidbits include the film budget, which he reports was $43 million, making the worldwide box office total of $56 million look a lot better. This also doesn't include DVD and VHS sales. Bowman also thinks there's still a plan to make a third movie in the Daredevil/Electra series.
  • SuperHeroHype has a Ghost Rider set report which includes pictures.
  • They also have five new international posters for the Fantastic Four movie.
  • Check out these pictures from the second unit Superman Returns film shoot at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.
  • The full international trailer for Fantastic Four is now up at the Apple Quicktime site.
  • Now Playing Magazine talked to John Carter of Mars screenwriter Ehren Kruger: "I'm in the writing process for John Carter of Mars, working with the director - Sky Captain's Kerry Conran," says Kruger of the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation. "He's in, too, with his visual design team — the effects, and the sort of outlandish worlds that need to be created for that. He has to design all that. So we're pretty (well) along with the script."
  • GotFuturama.com reports that David X. Cohen said that they had talks with the top guys at FOX who were extremely impressed with the sales of the Futurama DVDs. The idea was proposed to make a series of direct to DVD Futurama movies.

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