Last week we passed the meme about how Hayden Christensen was thinking of quitting acting. In an interview, he revealed possible plans to become an architect, in between bashing Hollywood and throwing a snide remark at Orlando Bloom. Now indie-geek director Kevin Smith is defending Christensen on his website. "A few leading questions, and you've got one actor saying something about another actor, and since the journo's questions are rarely included, no one's the wiser about who first invoked the Elf," said Smith. "I think you're being awfully hard on this guy, who didn't even say he was quitting the biz; he simply said he'd rather study architecture instead of Hollywood." On his message board, Smith "speaking as someone who's been on the business end of a journo's microphone many a time" showed how how he imagines that response could've been arrived at:

Journo: What's it like being a player in Hollywood
HC: I don't find Hollywood interesting, so I'm thinking about studying architecture instead.
Journo: You feel Hollywood is too commercial?
HC: A film is a product and as an actor, you can only sell it to sell yourself.
Journo: But look at Orlando Bloom - he's been successful on his own terms. Are you saying he has no integrity?
HC: You don't get to sit at the table before you're ready to give away you're integrity. Maybe it works for ORLANDO BLOOM. It doesn't work for me. 
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