It's an odd week for DVD releases - nothing brand new and blockbustery, but it's the Best Week Ever for reissues and foreign films. And there's also Moonlighting. Cinematical hearts Moonlighting.

  • Jules et Jim: Francois Truffaut's classic gets Criterioned. The quintessential three-hander stars Oskar Werner and Henry Serre as two best friends, and Jeanne Moreau as the woman they both love who can't seem to settle for either of them. This package includes a restored, high-def transfer; two sets of commentaries; interviews; an audio interview with Truffaut, and much more.
  • Design for Living: One of several films released this week starring Gary Cooper (although, regrettably, still no Morocco), Ernst Lubitsch's 1933 comedy essentially pre-makes Jules et Jim in a much lighter mode. This time the lovers are played by Cooper, Miriam Hopkins and Frederich March; she still can't decide, but, this being Lubitsch, she really doesn't have to.
  • James Dean Special Editions: All three films completed by Hollywood's best looking corpse: East of Eden, Giant, and Rebel without a Cause now have glitzy packages. There's no question that the Dean enigma has given this otherwise unconnected trilogy a helping hand towards Classicsville; but luckily, all three fillms more than hold up on their own.
  • Mandabi and Xala: Two early comedies by Ousmane Sembene, director of last year's female circumcision drama Moolade.
  • Moonlighting, Seasons 1 and 2: Yes, it's a TV show, but for six seasons, Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis pretended to be Carole Lombard and Cary Grant, and for at least two-and-a-half seasons, we totally bought it. Most of the series' best episodes are on these discs, but if you want to catch the installments that catalogue what happens when David and Maddie finally Do It, you'll have to wait for the release of Season 3.
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