Martin Scorsese is in talks to direct a documentary about Airbus, rival to Boeing and producer of the European super jumbo jet (FYI: I don't exactly know what a "super jumbo jet" is). The film would be produced by Coleccion Inmortales, a Spanish company set up to produce "theatrical docs directed by maverick filmmakers," who have made two documentaries with Oliver Stone. Narrative-wise, Variety makes the doc sound vaguely experimental: it will parallel the construction of the Airbus to the building of a cathedral, by focusing on a factory worker, engineer and architect's contributions to each. Also theoretically in the works at Coleccion: a documentary about Spanish dancer Joaquin Cortes, who travels to Brazil to choreograph a show featuring a blend of flamenco and Afro-Brazillian dance styles, to be directed by Spike Lee.
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