I've finally seen the last of the Star Wars movies (I hate crowds). Here is my take: I think Senator Palpatine is onto something. Who do these Jedi think they are? They tootle around the galaxy in fancypants robes and hack away at people’s limbs with impunity, and then when called on to justify their tenure, they hide behind fortune cookie aphorisms about emotional restraint and freedom from corrosive attachments. They, like, totally can’t be bothered. (I guess this explains why they haven’t done anything about the slave situation on Tatooine)

If this is supposed to be a democracy, then where does Yoda stand for election? Is there some corner of the galaxy where campaign holograms pop up on the doorsteps of busy moisture farmers to remind them of his policy on droid part recycling? Is there a campaign poster on a wall in some Corellian bar where a smiling Mace Windu is giving a thumbs-up? "Four more years on the Jedi Council!"

The very idea that is put to us in the films - of interplanetary democracies - seems curious. Are planets allowed to secede from this union at their will? Apparently not, since separatists are the subject of great consternation in this latest installment.

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