MatchFlickYesterday we picked up on some rumors, only to be told that, duh, there's something similar already in existence. It's called Matchflick, and I joined up to see what all the fusswas about. Well, looks like in my area I can either date Mike, who's favorite film is TheBig Lebowski, or Chris, who favors After Hours. And, suprise! There are very few women members. Maybe I should widen my parameters.

Well, at least the site shows promise. Chuck makes a good point that "a shared taste in movies might be a pretty weak basis for developing chemistry with someone."Kind of like back in college, when "what kind of music do you like" was the official get-to-know-you line and you dated that boy because he was really into Pavement? Didn't turn out to well, did it? But then again, to paraphrase Karina's comment, if we're all honest and non-elitist, the fellow who loves Pavement and Barry Manilow could be a keeper. Anyway, as soon as my damn confirmation email comes through, maybe I'll put up a profile and go on a date and blog about it. Maybe. If I get free beer. Just maybe.
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