Warner Bros. has officially announced the release of a 4-Disc Collector's Edition of Ben Hur for September 13th 2005. DigitalBits reports that the film has been carefully remastered from the original 65mm film elements, and split onto the first two discs in the set. Extras on the first two discs will include an audio commentary by film historian T. Gene Hatcher, scene specific comments from actor Charlton Heston, a music-only track, screen test footage, vintage newsreels, highlights from the 1960 Academy Awards ceremony and theatrical trailers. Disc Three will feature the 1925 Silent Version of Ben-Hur, presented in the Thames Television Restoration, complete with stereophonic orchestral score by composer Carl Davis. Disc Four will include a new documentary entitled Ben-Hur: The Epic That Changed Cinema whcih features interviews with current filmmakers like Ridley Scott and George Lucas reflecting on the importance and influence of the film. The disc will also feature the 1994 documentary Ben-Hur: The Making of an Epic hosted by Christopher Plummer, the 1986 documentary directed by William Wyler (which features the last interview with Wyler before his death) and Ben-Hur: A Journey Through Pictures: a new audiovisual recreation of the film via stills, storyboards, sketches, music and dialogue - something new, which should be interesting. The four disc set will have a MSRP of $39.92.
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