God only knows how many different versions of the Evil Dead series have been released on DVD. It seems the studio knows that the Horror geeks will buy any new version thrown at them. I think Anchor Bay was the studio that invented the double and triple dip - and They've struck again, this time with Anchor Bay's Evil Dead 2: Book of the Dead 2. This time around the disc will get its very own collectible Necronomicon "Book of the Dead" packaging very similar to the most recent Evil Dead re-re-re-release. The book packaging it designed, once again, by special effects guru Tom Sullivan. DavisDVD says that they have improved on the last design and added the ability to make the book scream by pressing the bulging eye. The disc should feature the first ever high-definition Divimax transfer of this classic horror film, along with new bonus materials, but really, what can they give us that hasn't already been provided in the last couple releases? No street date has yet been announced.
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