Los Angeles is installing a network of surveillance cameras in an attempt to catch street hawkers selling copied DVDs. The Motion Picture Association of America contributed $186,000 to help pay for the system. The plan calls for 10 cameras to be installed on buildings in Los Angeles' downtown fashion district where sellers target tourists.

The Hollywood Reporter says that in recent years, the MPAA has embarked on a campaign to stamp out the illegal copying of movies on video and DVD, which it says costs the industry $3.5 billion annually in lost revenues.

I just don't understand how million dollar camera setups and movie theater advertisements (which probably cost a bunch to film and exibit) are going to help the situation. I say pay a new LAPD officer to walk the streets in civilian clothes on a daily basis. Make the busts on a daily basis. But no, the MPAA wants to spend the money for more scare tactics.

The MPAA keeps suggesting that the reason why box office has been in decline is piracy. Sounds to me like a rehash of the RIAA's claims. Maybe it's not piracy, maybe it's because there's a lack of quality movies (or in the RIAA's case, music) out right now. You can't throw a bunch of subpar product at us and expect us to rabidly buy it up. I don't have much faith in my fellow man, let that be said. But I do trust that most people would be willing to pay for something they find of value. Maybe that's the solution... what do you guys think?
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