A photographer named Galo Ramirez was charged with assault with a deadly weapon yesterday, after he reportedly crashed into Lindsay Lohan's car whilst stalkerazzing the mysteriously shrinking actress. Ramirez was released on $35,000 bail, and Lohan escaped uninjured, with 21 days left to promote her new film, Herbie: Fully Loaded. But PerezHilton (formerly PageSixSixSix) had a "source on the scene of the accident" who says that Lindsay was quite shaken up by the whole thing: "[Lohan was] crying into her cell phone and [the paparazzi] wouldn't leave her alone. They were even filming it! ... I felt so bad for her I wanted to invite her to hide at my house." I think the impulse to invite Lindsay Lohan to come over is one we can all relate to.