Okay, we tried. We were seriously hoping the last Star Wars Web Watch would be the end of the line. We're trying to migrate the Star Wars news to either feature stories or The Geek Report, but the little tidbits keep coming. So once again I bring you links, goodies and news too small for 300 words, but too cool not to be printed:
  • Darth Vader's heart of evil is no match for Hollywood executives in this anti-cellphone theater advertisement.
  • TheForce.net has a review of some of the New Hope in 3-D test footage. Sounds very positive to me - bring it on.
  • Remember the old Apple Switch commercials? Well here's a flash animated spoof with Anikan Skywalker asking you to switch to the darkside.
  • Want to dress like a Jedi? The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Prequel Costumes is the place to go.
  • If you're looking for Star Wars screenplays, StarKiller has almost any draft ever made available.
  • It may do us all good to reread David Brin's excellent series of articles discussing the ethics of Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Campbellian demigod myths, and why Yoda is always wrong...
  • Newsarama takes a look at the future of Star Wars comics.
  • Glenn Jones designed a t-shirt called "Dark Side of the Garden" depicting Darth Vader pruning the Death Star in a bush.
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