Inhale, exhale ... okay, let's do it: Jack White, lead White Stripe, was married yesterday to 25-year-old Prada model Karen Elson. On a canoe. In Brazil. By a shaman priest. Elson is usually redheaded, and I've always liked the look of her. White co-starred in Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain opposite Renee Zellweger, who he then dated on-and-off for two years. Zellweger, you'll remember, got married about a month ago. On an island. To another celebrity, who nobody even seemed to know she was dating. A couple of weeks before the release of her new movie, Cinderella Man, which comes out tomorrow (see it). Anyway. White is the surname Jack took away from his first marriage, to bandmate Meg White; his real last name is Gillis. No word yet on whether Elson will take that, or Jack'll take Elson, or ... ah, screw it. Oh, yeah - the new White Stripes record comes out on Tuesday (buy it).
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