Actually, we already feel bad for making the above joke - it sounds like Lindsay Lohan's recent, literal run-in with a  paparazzo was actually pretty awful. Apparently, the (former) redheaded vixen called the police on her cell phone just before the collision, and informed them that she was being chased. She then did a U-turn to evade the offensive driver, at which point he intentionally drove straight into her Mercedes. Despite earlier reports that she and her female passenger escaped uninjured, Lohan suffered a minor cut on her wrist, and both girls complained of head and/or neck pains after leaving the scene. "Lindsay is shaken up and extremely upset," said her spokeswoman. And we totally understand that. In fact, we're going to refrain from making any jokes about Lindsay, and/or her relationship to sudden weight loss, drugs, booze, partying, sex, breasts, fake breasts, real breasts, disapearing breasts, cars, or talking cars - for at least the next 24 hours.
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