Lords of Dogtown
Just when you thought publication bias was a thing of the past (ha ha) Entertainment Weekly goes ahead and gives Lords of Dogtown a suspicious looking A+, when just about everyone else thinks the film suffers from clichéd melodrama and "inept storytelling." So I did my research: according to Metacritic, out of over a total of 2109 reviews, Entertainment Weekly gave consistently higher scores a whopping 66 percent of the time. And we're not just talking a point here, a point there. In the case of Dogtown, they're a full 15 points ahead of the next best review: Rolling Stone's 75, based on "crazy-cool board action." (I did my own research on Rolling Stone. They give higher scores 57 percent of the time.)

Now that we know what we're dealing with, let's take a look at Lords of Dogtown.