• Deadwood's Ian McShane will appear in Woody Allen's next film, to be shot, like his last film, Match Point, in London with Scarlett Johansson in a lead role.
  • The Maysles Brothers' Grey Gardens is coming to Broadway. A musical based on the documentary about the weirdo-shut-in faction of Jackie Kennedy's family will open at Playwrights Horizons in the spring.
  • The AMC cable network has paid in the area of $80 million to acquire the rights to broadcast a bevy of recent theatrical releases, including Million Dollar Baby  and Two Weeks Notice. The bad news? Time Warner was already mad at the network (whose acronym ostensibly stands for American Movie Classics) from straying from its original branding. The conglomerate is expected to use this deal as fodder in an ongoing lawsuit against their wayward charge.
  • Simon West is directing a remake of When a Stranger Calls for Screen Gems; Camilla Belle (who was in like eight films at this year's Sundance ... or at least two) will star.
  • Three Paramount executives, John Hersker, Jim Orr and Tom Molen have been moved up into the domestic distribution division.
  • Hugh Hefner screened Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie at the Playboy Mansion Tuesday night. There are not nearly enough pictures.
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