A couple of days ago, it didn't seem like the best idea to take The Huffington Post's info-scant word for it, but now that our second favorite Hollywood wolf-crier is on the case, it might be time to give it a (semi-)serious look. Sharon Waxman tickled a couple of anonymous Paramount executives until they admitted that yes, there is a possibility that Mission: Impossible 3 is gonna get shut down. "No definitive decision has been made; it's a discussion," said one excutive - but considering that shooting is set to start in about six weeks, any ongoing "discussion" would seem to be problematic. Other executives told Waxy that Tom Cruise's recent "behavoir" (the swooning, the Scientology, and oh, the jumping) is as much of a potential buzzkill as the fact that the film's budget has recently swelled to over $150 million. It's no secret that the production has been troubled for a while - but could it really all come crashing down due to a few unfortunate words and a cringe-worthy appearance on Oprah? And even more shocking - was Arianna Huffington right all along?