badlandsbookerIn preparation for its upcoming 2005 Movie Awards presentation, MTV has decided it was time to do something different to promote the event. Of course, that means bringing in some of the best competitive eaters in the world to find out just how much popcorn they could wolf down in 12 minutes.

In the wake of this bright idea, we have to play with for our eating reading pleasure. Here, you can find out more about Crazy Legs Conti, Eric "Badlands" Booker, Carlene Lefevre, and Richard Lefevre and their culinary abilities. Additionally, the "Movie Taters" option offers the fun and excitement of seeing "Donald the office dork" play with his tater tots at his desk at work, bringing to life movie scenes like never before. And if that's not enough fun for you, make sure and check out the "Categories that didn't make it" section of the site, featuring "Best Almost Topless Scene" and "Best Man in a Pirate Hat."
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