The old Waverly TheatreAhh, remember back in the day, when a low-budget film went straight to video, and someone would ask, "hey, what happened to that film?" and you'd say, "it went straight to video!" and then you'd all laugh? Straight to video no longer a crappy indie film makes. As long as you're porting it to DVD, and from your very own line of independent theatres.

Thus, IFC is dropping a new theatre atop the resting place of the old Waverly Theatre in NYC, trying to catch up to indie film mavericks Mark Cuban and Todd Wager, who own Landmark Theatres and a distribution chain and a HD cable channel. IFC seeth opportunity, IFC snatcheth opportunity—the big Hollywood lugs can't do this, but the small and wirey guys can. Why keep a film in theatres for weeks on end, when you can dump it to DVD the very same day, then to your cable channel, and double your sales? Who hasn't wanted to run out of an especially good film right up to the doors of Virgin Records? Straight to video: the new longest running show!
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