A Canadian entertainment show has announced George Clooney will voice the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, in the upcoming live action movie adaptation of The Transformers. If the news is true,  die hard Transformers fans will be outraged. Many of the fans were hoping that the original voice actors from the cartoon show would be casted. Even if Michael Bay weren't directing this movie, I think that'd be very unlikely. As we reported last week, Bay told IGN he’s not even a fan of The Transformers television series:

“I’m not necessarily a fan of the show, but I love the writer’s take on this. I love the whole changing up of the machines. The hook the writers have, I’m really into. I’ve always wanted to do kind of a big family movie, a franchise piece, so that’s why I’m interested in it.”

For years the Transformer fans have begged for a live-action movie. But as the old saying goes: be careful of what you wish for...
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