Alberto Escarlate reports over at one of our sister sites, thep2pweblog, that the world premiere of Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, which was scheduled for June 13, is cancelled because of concerns of piracy. They're afraid that the film could somehow be illegally captured during the exibition for 7,000 guests at the Budokan Arena in Tokyo. The Associated Press story said that film distributor United International Pictures also claimed security concerns with star Tom Cruise.

I've been to many of sneak previews and premieres where the security is top notch. Some you're not even allowed to bring in phones that have cameras. There is no possible way anyone could record a film in that situation. Most of the time a pirated film is captured from a leak somewhere inside the film (as happened with the Star Wars workprint) or is captured after the film is in wide release (be it by video camera or through the projector). So I believe there is more to this story.
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