Welcome to Script Sales. Here's where you'll be able to hear about new projects just bought, pitched or greenlit. Now you can know whats going on years before the movies hit the theaters....
  • DreamWorks gave a greenlight to The Heartbreak Kid, a romantic comedy about a man who hastily marries a woman that he thinks is perfect, until he falls in love with another woman during their honeymoon. Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly did the rewrite, which they plan to co-direct. Road Trip/Old School scribe Scot Armstrong and Freaky Friday screenwriter Leslie Dixon wrote the previous draft, which is loosely based on Neil Simon’s 1972 film.
  • Paramount Pictures announced a sequel to The Italian Job based on a pitch by GI Jane writer David Twohy's, The Wrecking Crew. Italian Job director F. Gary Gray will return for The Brazilian Job, about a heist set in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Paramount Pictures also bought The Would-Be Warrior, a fantasy adventure story following a modern 15-year-old boy who gets caught in a centuries-old feud between Norse gods. The Brazilian Job (see above) writer David Twohy wrote the script and also plans to direct.
  • David Twohy goes for a third sale today with The Break a story about earthlings who attempt an escape from the aliens who've snatched them for experimental purposes. Columbia Pictures hired Twohy to will write this new version of the long-in-development film Alien Prison, which had been set up before in March 2002 and in July 2003.
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