Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds

Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds is a somewhat charming little coming-of-age film about two boys with big dreams of bringing movies - and a view of the larger world - to their remote Turkish village. Recep (Ismail Hakki Taslak) and his best fried Mehmet (Kadir Kaymaz, who looks distractingly like Third Rock from the Sun's Joseph Gordon Levitt), work as apprentices in what constitutes the "big city" in their world. Recep is apprenticed to the kindly town watermelon vendor, Kemal (Mustafa Coban), and Mehmet slaves under the rule of the ill-tempered and abusive barber. When Recep criticizes Mehmet for his choice of apprenticeship, the practical Mehmet tells him that, as a barber, he will have a steady income, and, what's more, when he learns to do circumcisions, he'll be making even more money.

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