Oh, man. For a second there, we were almost willing to give HuffGate a second chance. And then one chocolate-coated performance artist steps in and erases any credibility we were grudgingly willing to grant...

In a blog entry titled "Tom Cruise, George W. and Religion", Karen Finley not only displays her third-grade grasp of punctuation (count the commas - nope, count them), but in "arguing" against the wisdom of Tom Cruise's recent remarks in regards to Brooke Sheilds' post-partum depression, she demonstrates her equally advanced understanding of human biology. "We will never know if Tom would get post-partum depression if he could have a baby," Finley writes. "Tom adopted his children with ex-wife, Nicole Kidman. I am sure under Cruise Control Nicole didn’t get depressed. And in real life, men can’t have babies. But that’s another movie."

You know, guys, at this point, you're really just making it too easy.
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