Back in the thicke of the mid-90s Brit-pop swirl, we definitely would have gone with Blur over Oasis, but nowadays there's something about Liam and Noel Gallagher's cracked-up brother-feud that appeals to the aging tragic trainwreck in all of us. Plus, Liam's always dropping these great quips designed to pick fights with other rockers (His take on former Libertine Pete Doherty? "Smackheads need slaps.") Now it appears that Liam is poised to make the transition from rock star to movie star ... er, well, we'll see. But he is in talks to join the cast of a biopic about British gangster Paul Ferris. Robert Carlyle (Begbie from Trainspotting) will play that role, and Liam is up for the part of Ferris' sidekick, Paul Massey, who in real life is currently serving 14 years in prison for "stabbing a rival in the groin, severing an artery and leaving him for dead." The real Massey is apparently very enthusiastic about the Oasis singer potentially taking on the role. "He believes he has the menace and the presence [to play him] and, even better, he is a Manchester boy," said Ferris' biographer, Reg McKay. The Independent has more on the film and Gallagher's potential involvement - plus a rather silly round-up of other musicians who have attempted to crash the big screen. [via greencine]
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