MPAA On June 1st, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced it would finance the purchase of 10 video cameras throughout Los Angeles' fashion district in an effort to prevent DVD piracy. Now the MPAA has sent out another press release bragging about a trade-organization-assisted law seizure of over 5,000 illegally duplicated DVDs. The raids were conducted in three separate labs around the city. Police seized shrink wrap machines, computer towers, hundreds of DVD burners, DVD media and commercial color printers.

“We are rooting out these DVD thieves one by one and tracking their networks in order to shut down illegal DVD and CD pirate operations,” said John G. Malcolm, Senior Vice President and Director, Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations, MPAA. “It is my sincere hope that these arrests will send a signal that such crimes will not be tolerated in the Los Angeles area. Those who continue to engage in this illegal behavior are doing so at their peril. We will find you, and you will be caught."

It is my sincere hope that this arrest is not just a "signal," and the MPAA will continue to step up and take action. It's time for them to stop their scare tactics and do something about this. So I applaud them, if only just this once...
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