Lock up your bellhops - Russell Crowe is a free man. The Cinderella Man star has been released on his own recognizance after an arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, stemming from an incident that occured early this morning at the Mercer Hotel involving a phone, a desk clerk, and bad case of box-office rage long distance connection. Crowe was apparently trying to get Jeffrey Katzenberg his wife on the line so he could threaten to punch his face in if he didn't pull Madagascar out of theaters say goodnight. Crowe allegedly went to the front desk where, as he admitted to police, he threw the phone at a desk clerk because he was "angry". He's now set to appear in court once again on September 14, to face assault charges that could bring four years in prison but won't, becuase he's Russell fucking Crowe and, seriously? Everyone involved will make more money off of the civil suit.
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