You remember Babe. Admit - you *loved* Babe. You even, when pressed, will admit to seeing its sequel, Babe II: Pig in the City - although you insist it was on a plane and only because you forgot to go to an ATM so you couldn't order drinks. But, c'mon - you're no longer truly passionate about Babe - not the way Matt Stone is passionate about Babe. The mop-headed half of the duo responsible for South Park and Team America: World Police, tells the Telegraph exactly why he can't stop watching the talking pig movie:

"It screwed me up when I saw it for the first time...Because when I go and see a Tarantino movie, say, my defences are up: it's like, OK, let's see - you're going to try to subversively get to my heart. But Babe was just: cute pig, here we go. It's like they were the Japanese and I was Pearl Harbor. And at the end of that movie, when he does his sheep-dog thing, I don't think I cried… but…"

He goes on to compare Chris Noonan's live-action/animation hybrid to The Wizard of Oz, and then to praise its lack of irony, before flat-out naming Babe as an inspiration, saying that the elements of South Park that decsend from it are "some of the best stuff we've done." Please read this interview, because celebrity confessionals very rarely get any better than this.

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