• Jack White says his quickie marriage to model Karen Eslon wasn't (and isn't) a hoax. “We knew probably from the moment we met each other,” he said. “Whether it was going to happen a year from now or three days later, it was just going to happen.” Incidentally, the new White Stripes record comes out today ...
  • Not only did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sequester themselves in a basement dressing room with six Scientologists at the MTV Movie Awards, the next day, at a Batman Begins junket, they "made out in the hallway ... between every interview." Says a source for Page Six, "It was over the top, unnecessary and gross." Says The Superficial, "Katie Holmes vagina must be like a magical box of wishes, cause Tom Cruise has lost his fuckin' mind."
  • Perez Hilton has picked up the wedding registry for his "cousin" Paris Hilton.
  • When asked for her feelings on American fashion, Catherine Deneuve can't even fake it: "No comment."
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