• We learned in Variety in 60 seconds that Rush Hour director and all around hack (yes, my opinion) Brett Ratner has officially been announced as replacement director on X-Men 3.
  • Check out this MP3 of a question CC Banana asked George Lucas at Celebration 3. Trust me it's VERY FUNNY.
  • Christian Bale will be on Good Morning America this Wednesday morning.
  • The first script draft of the King Kong remake, written by Lord of the Ring scribes Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh is online. We don't know how much it changed for the production draft, but considering this script was written in 1996, it's probably safe to say that a lot has been changed.
  • Are you the kind of person that would like to own a computer that looks like a Star Wars tie fighter? Well this guy did and won the Sci-Fi case mod contest at extreme tech.
  • The cast of Fantastic Four presented the Breakthrough Female award at Saturday's MTV Movie Awards.
  • Check out this little Darth Vader toy. It's one of the many Star Wars toys offered by Burger King, actually, it's the rarest with only a few per box. If you see one, buy it as it's sure to be worth money.
  • Since Jedi mind tricks probably wouldn't work on George Lucas, fans have started an online petition to convince George to make Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.
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