• Messengers dressed as Master Chief descended on various studios yesterday, to deliver Alex Garland's script for the Halo movie. Microsoft is looking for $10 million for the script, plus an agreeement from the winning studio to adhere to biblical tenets set out by game developers. Maybe unsurprisingly, no studio has yet bit.
  • Universal is still holding on to hopes that Cinderella Man could sustain some kind of summer sleeper success. Explaining this involves lots of phrases like "leggy perf", but not a single mention of PhoneGate.
  • Will Smith and Nicholas Cage are teaming up to star in and produce a film based on a pitch called Time Share, about two fathers fighting over the same vacation home.
  • Ben Stiller will take the Tony Curtis role in a theatrical remake of British TV series, The Persuaders. Steve Coogan will co-star in the part originated by Roger Moore.
  • The American Cinematheque will honor Al Pacino on October 21 at the Beverly Hilton.
  • Remember that bird, the one that everybody was whining about, a few months ago? Some broad wrote a book about it, and somebody else is gonna make a movie about it. Yawn.
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