You know how I love the gossip, especially when it concerns possible sequels. Well, Dark Horizons posted a tidbit today about a possible Jaws 5 with Spielberg and Dreyfuss returning.  The report comes from Christopher Bell who attended "Jaws Fest" on Martha’s Vineyard.  Again, take this with a grain of salt. The scooper reported that writer Peter Benchley said at a workshop that he hears rumors of a new movie all the time, but he's not writing it.

"Must be gathering steam because I hear Spielberg and Dreyfuss have discussed it recently...but no, not with me," he laughs. He said they'd probably have the money to make a great looking shark nowadays.

Later, writer Carl Gottlieb apparently told locals that he's heard of a Summer 2007 release for a new Jaws.

I seriously hope it doesn't happen. But, again... grain of salt.
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