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  • Vine Entertainment bought the rights to Silver after responding to an ad the writers took out in the trades plugging their screenplay. Set in San Diego and Mexico, a mother fights for her family in the wake of a sex scandal, kidnapping and murder, with the story focusing on the loopholes in the U.S. legal system that leave this family exposed and a criminal at large. Screenwriters Chrisanna Northrup and Halle Eavelyn got six-figures for the thriller. Vine's Gino Cabanas will produce.  Filming is scheduled to start in November.
  • Fox Searchlight has greenlit The Last King of Scotland, a script that has been in development for several years at Film Four. Set in the 1970’s, a Scottish doctor, though a twist of fate, becomes the personal physician of the then-new president of Uganda, Idi Amin. Joe Penhall wrote the political drama based on Giles Foden’s novel. Touching the Void director Kevin Macdonald will helm the project. Forest Whitaker and Kerry Washington will star.
  • Trybe Films announced Descent written by Talia Lugacy and Brian Priest about a college coed who turns into a vengeful seductress after a shocking act of violence. Trybe Films’ Rosario Dawson and MEGA Films’ Morris S. Levy will produce the psychological thriller. Trybe Films’ Talia Lugacy will also direct. This will be her first time in the directors chair. She has held assistant possitions on a few sets including Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.  Dawson will also star.
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