When I reviewed The Aviator a couple of weeks ago, a few readers wrote in to comment that something was "wrong" with their DVD copies of the film. "The colors are all off" was the common complaint; I assumed that these few DVD owners had simply not seen the film in the theaters, for if they had, they probably would have noticed the same "problem". Marty delineated each time within his Howard Hughes biopic by using different film stocks, matching each distinct period to the type of film look that would have been popular in the Hollywood film of that day. So, certain parts are washed out and others are over-saturated; at one point, the three green peas on Howard's plate at the Brown Derby look almost sky blue. Apparently, though, this was a common complaint, one which the Home Theater Blog has done an excellent job of tackling with specifics. "Your Aviator DVD isn’t broken, in the defective sense," B. Greenaway writes, "but some may indeed find the nod to Hollywood’s past annoying. "
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