We don't exactly expect Pullitzer-worthy criticism from USA Today, but Whitney Matheson's exploring new realms of facile logic. She presents us with 10 mostly silly reasons as to why the proposed sequel to Sixteen Candles can't, won't and shouldn't happen. Here's what I have to say to each:

1. It's too late.
Matheson sites examples from The Godfather III to Son of the Mask (!!!) as evidence as to why "sequels don't fly when they're released too long after the originals." I agree that it might be too late to cash in on the zeitgeist of the mid-80s moment, but if people really want a sequel (and it would appear that a lot of people, Whitney excluded, do), and that sequel is carried out with respect for the characters, the fans and the original concept, time doesn't have to be an issue. Didn't she see Before Sunset?

2.  There would be too much hype.
"After a 21-year wait, I'm predicting diehard fans would camp out for seats, dress up as their favorite character, throw Candles parties on opening night and have impossibly high expectations of a sequel."
Um, no. That's just not going to happen.
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