• SoundtrackNet has up an interesting article about the music in Sky High, Lost, Alias and The Incredibles, by composer Michael Giacchino. The piece includes pictures from the scoring session.
  • Wal-Mart is apparently holding Batman Beginsin-store events at various stores around the country on June 18th. There will be kiosks placed all around the store, and each person will be given a folder with a medallion, and will learn about various Batman weapons. In the process they will collect mini prizes (likely to be stickers, mini posters).
  • This is London has five new pictures from the V For Vendetta set, as they filmed at the Houses of Parliament. AintItcoolNews posted even more close-up pictures.
  • SHH has a mini set report from the George Reeves biopic Truth, Justice and the American Way. Affleck wasn't on set.
  • Check out this UK Fantastic Four poster which is a slightly different version of the international Invisible Woman poster.
  • You can hear samples from the Batman Begins soundtrack at Batman.de and the official Fantastic Foursoundtrack website has a preview of all the songs.
  • TheMovieBox.net posted a better quality QuickTime version of the third Fantastic Four television spot.
  • Activision has provided SHH with 11 new screenshots from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie game.
  • On June 11th, East Coast Paintball will be hosting nationwide promotional paintball events for Batman Begins. The company will be giving away theater tickets, video games, posters and other movie memorabilia.
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