After delay opon delay and more rumors than you could throw a lovesick former WB contract player at, it looks like Mission Impossible:3 is on for good. No, like for reals. Reuters is reporting that Paramount is firm on the July 18 start date, and quotes director J.J. Abrams to that affect ("Blah blah blah studio speak"), but the article doesn't have much to say about recent reports that Cruise was fighting to keep the project live. In a typical demonstration of first-rate journalism over at The Huffington Post, Arianna lets a speculative headline do the reporting: "Paramount to Proceed with Mission: Impossible III After Tom Cruise Gives in to Studio Demands. New Deal Saves Studio Millions. unfolding..."

What's left to unfold? If there really was serious talk about shutting down the production, it's curious that it would get wrapped up immediately before the premiere of War of the Worlds - the film that will demonstrate just how viable a commodity Tom Cruise currently is.