• Robert Berkvist on Anne Bancroft: "Graced with a sultry voice and expressive mouth, Ms. Bancroft could appear both tough and vulnerable, and she eagerly sought out nearly every kind of role, maturing effortlessly over the decades."
  • Glenn Collins visits Steiner Studios, the new filmmaking complex on the Brooklyn banks of the East River. He quotes Bancroft's widower, Mel Brooks, on why it makes sense to shoot there: "Without the tax benefits, the horrible truth is, this movie would probably be made in Kabul, or you know, wherever it's the cheapest place in the world for us to shoot."
  • "The challenge in creating loser-heroes is to keep viewers emotionally invested, and to make the characters' cringe-inducing failures palatable". Caryn James examines another specious trend.
  • Stephen Holden reviewsPaternal Instinct, a documentary about two gay men, a surrogate and a baby.
  • Two men were arrested over the weekend for trying to sell a copy of the new Harry Potter book to a journalist for $90,000. (What? It might as well be a screenplay.)
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