You guys really jumped on our Tom Cruise/Scientology poll - if you haven't checked out the comments to that post, you should, because there's some pretty wild stuff going on there. We thought one comment deserved some extra attention.

Reader Sanjeev writes: "Reading this blog seems to indicate that the "Xenu" subject has lot of mystery around it...I am sure millions are curious about what Tom's viewpoints are on this subject." Yeah, I would say so. So, maybe, "Tom should make a movie on this subject ... and Steven Spielberg would love directing it, knowing how he loves to scare people and make mean alien movies."

<insert emoticon of Karina smiling out of corner of her mouth here>

Sanjeev continues, "The publicity expenses on such movie could be minimal since
so many websites have already raised the public awareness, and created a big "mystery" about it. Millions would flock to see the movie since they are curious about Tom's viewpoints on this subject. I cannot but see this as a mega-blockbuster idea :-)"

I'm totally on board. Except for one thing: how do you keep this from being Battlefield Earth II: Cruise Control?
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