Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went to Mexico yesterday to promote Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and like every appearance either of them has made since the dawn of time (or, at least, since those pictures from Africa were released, and in our conception of the universe that's basically Day Zero), they went to great lengths to avoid being seen "together". According to the AP, when photographers asked Pitt to pose with Jolie, the actor "briefly ducked behind a massive movie cutout, then didn't move toward the stage until Jolie was gone." So one of the biggest stars in the world is now hiding behind cardboard cutouts of himself in order to avoid the slightest photographic evidence that he even showed up at what is essentially the same business meeting as the co-worker that he's quite probably sleeping with. Does anybody else feel like this has all crossed the line from typical so-what celebrity PR sports, to really fucking stupid?