• In Bryan Singer's video journal #15 entitled "Storyboarded" we talk to two of the six storyboard artists working on the film.
  • James Marsden who plays Richard White in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, and is returning as Cyclops in X-Men 3, sat down with About.com for an interview. “Superman’s gone for a while. He comes back to find, in Bryan Singer’s words, Lois Lane with somebody who’s very Superman-esque. There’s a lot of similarities, so Lois Lane is engaged to this guy. They have a child together. It is emotionally a challenge for Superman to come back and see, I think because Lois has moved on with her life and she’s with somebody else.”
  • Jennifer Connelly talked with CS about a possible Hulk sequel: "I don't know. I haven't heard any talk of a sequel unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that I don't have any insight that I can give you. I think [Ang Lee] made a really interesting film of it, so we'll see what happens."
  • Jean-Claud Van Damme is set to play Roman athlete Cornedurus in director Frédéric Forestier's third Astérix adventure. Gerard Depardieu is expected to return as Obélix, with Indian actress Aishwarya Rai on board as well. Alain Delon is playing Julius Ceasar. Christian Clavier is said not to be returning Astérix.
  • The official Batman Begins site has been updated with an interview with the costume designer, TV spots, and a new comic.
  • Gary Oldman amd Morgan Freeman talked to SHH about their roles in Batman Begins.
  • The Darth Sidewalk campaign is taking over the world, one sidewalk at a time.
  • And boy, do they have professional DVD covers for the pirated Revenge of the Sith DVD's they sell on the street.
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