David Putnam interviewed Jane Fonda onstage at the National Film Theater last week, and the entire transcript is online at The Guardian. The conversation focused on the actress' most fertile period, from 1969-1979, and includes lengthy ruminations on some of my favorite films, including Klute and They Shoot Horses, Don't They? About the former, Fonda tells a great little anecdote about getting into character. Arrangements had been made for her to spend time with madams and call girls prior to shooting. But, "the whole time, I would be going to these after-hours clubs, and no pimp would pick me up," she says. "Not even a wink." She had changed her hair and was almost unrecognizable, so since "they didn't know who I was ... what that said to me was that I was wrong for the part, I just didn't have what it took." She then begged director Alan J. Pakula to let her off the hook, and suggested a list of other actresses - including, I think rather humorously, Faye Dunaway. Luckily, Pakula "just laughed. And I did it."
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