MTV movie pre-showKarina already spoilt the MTV Movie awards on Monday, but since I'm watching the "live" pre-show several days after the filming, like everyone else with MTV who is tired of watching O.C. and Joey reruns, I thought I'd weigh in with a few observations.
  • Fat Joe isn't looking as fat in his white tux / suit, and along with the pounds, it looks like he's busy shedding some of his street cred by being co-host for MTV's pre-show.
  • 50 Cent also sheds street cred in a mini-preshow interview where he defends his acting, saying: "Until they actually see the film and then they gonna go 'Fifty Cent is great!'" He gets all high-pitched when he says his own name.
  • Sandra Bullock on the red carpet admits that she's reuniting with Keanu Reeves in a film, commenting, "He was my first and . . . and . . . not in that way." Yeah, sure, Sandy, whatever you say.
  • The highlight of the pre-show occurs at the wrap-up, where Nicole Richie in her scary skinniness stands on the left with Fat Joe on the right and they both start repeating "crack crack crack crack crack..."
If you missed the mind-boggling amazingness of all this pre-show madness, make sure you catch the live pre-show sometime during the coming summer months as MTV reruns it over and over again!

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the LIVE pre-recorded award show now (reminder: the live 2005 MTV Movie Awards first run is tonight!).
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