Harry Knowles got a chance to talk to Robert Rodriguez at the Sharkboy and Lavagirl premiere in Austin, Texas. A couple weeks back, he made the big announcement that he would reteam with Quentin Tarantino to produce Grind House. So now we learn some more information. In addition to Tarantino and Rodriguez, they'll be getting some very cool directors to create grind house-style trailers for fictional films to put between and before the film.

The whole film will be shot digitally - with Rodriguez aboard did you expect any less? In post-production they plan to "grind house" up the footage making it "dirty, nappy - film stock changing at the reel breaks, faded, pink, saturated 70's film look." Rodriguez told AICN that sometimes there'll even be a "bad splice" to purposefully cause a missing piece of dialogue. They are trying as much as possible to make this as much like a film you would have seen in a grind house.

Robert says that his segment will show first in Texas, but in California, Quentin's hour will get front billing. They will be leaving it up to projectionists in all other cities. The same is going to be done with the order of the trailers before and between the featured attractions. But this begs the question - in what order will the film play on the eventual DVD release?
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