Quentin Tarantino is a genius, and thus, he has tons of ideas. He's also a loud mouth who can't shut up, so sometimes these ideas get reported as news. You may have read in the past about Quentin's ideas for a James Bond movie, a revival of the Friday the 13th series, as well as other things, all of which never came into existence. So why report on this one if it probably won't happen? Well, I'm a reporter, and when Quentin speaks I need to report his ideas so everyone will get excited and then be disapointed when it never happens. It's the cycle, who am I to put a stop to the cycle?

This time Tarantino has an idea for a Beverly Hills Cop movie. Eddie Murphy told  Joblo.com: "There's been talk. Nothing solid yet. Quentin is insane but good insane. He came to me with an idea for another Cop, and we've been talking about that. If it comes off, great - he's one crazy guy worth working with."

Murphy has been cast in Tarantino's two part war epic, Inglorious Bastards.
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